3 Post-Pregnancy Problems that a Tummy Tuck Can Help

161141166Becoming a mother can be one of the most wonderful experiences you’ll ever have. Unfortunately, pregnancy can take a toll on your body and leave you wishing you could have your pre-baby body back. The stomach definitely endures the brunt of changes as a result of pregnancy, but luckily a tummy tuck can be the perfect solution to ensure your bikini days are far from over.

1. Stretched-Out Skin

The skin of the stomach must stretch considerably during pregnancy to accommodate your growing baby. Most women see some improvement in skin tightness after delivery, but many feel that the skin doesn’t return to its original state.

No amount of dieting or exercise will combat excess skin, but a tummy tuck can help. The procedure involves the removal of loose, stretched-out stomach skin and the tightening of the remaining skin to create a firm, smooth midsection.

2. Excess Fatty Deposits

Through the process of removing loose skin from the abdomen, connected fatty deposits are removed as well. Many women choose to incorporate liposuction into their tummy tuck procedure to give the surgeon more creative license to slim the stomach and sculpt beautiful, sexy new contours.

3. Diastasis Recti

The stomach skin isn’t the only thing that stretches during pregnancy. The underlying abdominal muscles also expand, sometimes resulting in diastasis recti. Quite simply, this means that the muscles of the abdomen separate and are no longer one solid wall as they should be.

During a tummy tuck, your surgeon also tightens the abdominal muscles and repairs any gaps that formed as a result of pregnancy. Smoothing and tightening the abdominal wall creates a flat, firm foundation to support the abdominal skin and ensure the stomach has a flat and smooth appearance.

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