3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Injectables

104158136Injectable cosmetic treatments can help reverse the signs of aging. BOTOX® is designed to target dynamic wrinkles that often form on the upper portion of the face while fillers like JUVÉDERM® or RADIESSE® can help minimize the appearance of deeper facial wrinkles and restore volume in the lower face. If you’re wondering whether it’s time for you to schedule an injection, here are three signs that a treatment may be right for you.

1. Wrinkles in a Relaxed Face

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repeated facial expressions like laughing, smiling or frowning. Over time, these wrinkles can become etched into the face, appearing even when you’re relaxed. If you’ve noticed that you have wrinkles that are visible even when your face is at rest, particularly beside the eyes or between the brows, you may be a candidate for an BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX® relaxes the facial muscles that create these lines for a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

2. Lines Getting Deeper

As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down and our face loses some of the natural volume and elasticity in the skin. Deeper facial lines are often caused by the skin loosening and sagging as a result of facial thinning. Injectable dermal fillers can restore some of this lost volume to create a more youthful and firmer look, alleviating deep facial lines.

3. Your Face Doesn’t Reflect You

Many of us don’t relate to our reflection in the mirror. If your face makes you look older than you feel, injectables may help to restore a more youthful look. A Certified Advanced Aesthetician can determine the best wrinkle treatment for your needs, helping you to look amazing without cosmetic surgery.

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