Ask the Expert (February 2014)

What is the best thing to do for saggy breasts?

Breast rejuvenation after children, after weight loss, after gravity pulling on them 24/7 – it is easier than ever!

For some patients that I’ve seen, a breast lift can be done with implants alone. This precludes the need for any extra incisions on the breasts. The various forms of surgical breast lifting and skin tightening can be done predictably with minimal noticeable scars. The incisions are in hidden locations making for a natural looking result. Breast lift is one of the easiest of all my surgeries for my patients to recover from. Implants can be placed at the same time if necessary. Unless you have more children, or gain all your weight back (perish the thought!) you would most likely never need to redo this surgery. Call us for a free consultation!

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