Body Contouring With the Latest Liposuction Platforms

Many of our patients in the Oregon and greater northwest region come to us because they cannot slim down certain areas of their body with conventional methods. These days, getting the body you want often requires more than just sweating to the oldies at the YMCA; it requires some smart technology and a good surgeon.

The latest liposuction techniques are less invasive, and they work to smooth out those stubborn areas of excess fat. The downtime involved with liposuction is also less than in previous years.  Some patients are even able to walk out of the doctor’s office alone soon after the treatment.

Some of the latest liposuction techniques use ultrasound or laser energy to break up fat and make removal easier. The cannula (tiny fat suctioning tube) is so small that it causes minimal trauma to the area, so bruising and swelling is minimized.  Some patients don’t even need stitches at the entry site. Traditional liposuction is still practiced as well, often using tumescent techniques that make it safer and more gentle.

Please remember that whatever platform is chosen matters less than what operator is chosen.  In other words, the surgeon is your most important ‘tool.’  For more information on the liposuction options we offer, see our homepage and our liposuction before and after photos.

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