Can a Facelift Really be Achieved Through Hypnosis?

Orange County, California seems to believe so. An Orange County clinic has been providing their patients with a new treatment called HypnoYoung™, which claims to be the non-surgical, non-invasive and more affordable alternative to the facelift. How so? Through hypnosis of course! The treatment claims to achieve the same results that you can get from a facelift, by using hypnotherapy to enhance muscle memory of the facial muscles for a “firmer, more youthful appearance.” Hmm, it may be the skeptic in me talking, but something sounds a little too good to be true. After all, if it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? So what’s the catch? The company that provides the service, Welliant Services, states that the treatment may not be suitable for those younger than 35. They also go on to point out that during the first three months, you should plan on a treatment once a week and then once a month after that in order to maintain the results. So is it really as effective as a professional facelift? Now, here in America we are known for trying some…well…different things to look younger. However, I’m going to have to stick with tradition on this one and go with the proven track-record of the facelift. Interested in learning more about Facelifts? Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and board-certified lead surgeon, Lee Daniel, have been providing patients with real, lasting results for years and years. Our highly trained staff has the skills and experience you look for when dealing with any cosmetic surgery procedure. If you are ready to look years younger, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the place to go for your perfect facelift.

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