Can Plastic Surgery Return a Pre-Baby Body?

Your body undergoes many significant changes to accommodate for pregnancy and childbirth that go beyond changes to just your abdomen and breasts. For instance, the physical transformations also affect your skin elasticity and tissue volume, which could result in noticeable sagging in several body areas besides the chest.

Many women miss how their bodies looked before pregnancy and childbirth and often turn to cosmetic surgery for long-term solutions. During consultations, many prospective patients looking to restore their figure ask, “Can plastic surgery return a pre-baby body?” For the best answer, get in touch with our team of knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic experts to discuss popular mommy makeover procedures that could restore various aspects of your appearance.

Operations for Restoring Your Figure After Childbirth

Returning to a pre-baby body with plastic surgery is possible with a combination of several routine operations, a treatment plan commonly known as the mommy makeover. Most mommy makeover treatments include liposuction and a tummy tuck to address excess fat and loose skin from pregnancy around the waist and stomach. Tummy tuck surgery also repairs damage to the abdominal walls after pregnancy, including separation and muscle weakness.

Other standard procedures for getting back to a pre-baby body are breast surgeries, most often a breast lift and augmentation surgery to reduce sagging and restore volume. Though, breast surgery could also address unwanted nipple and areola changes, such as reducing stretched areolas and repositioning the nipples and areolas on the breast mounds.

The arms, thighs, and entirety of the lower body often lose volume and develop sagging skin after pregnancy, just like the breasts for many women. Lift surgery for these areas restores pre-baby body contours by tightening the skin and underlying tissues to combat visible drooping. In addition, lift procedures could remove and redistribute a minimal amount of extra fat in treatment areas to further redefine contours.

Additional Surgeries to Include in a Mommy Makeover

Since a mommy makeover is entirely customizable, the treatment could include various additional operations to further restore a pre-baby body with plastic surgery.

Some women may see changes in their nose shape and size throughout pregnancy due to increased blood flow and hormones throughout the entire body, particularly the nose. Therefore, a mommy makeover treatment could include rhinoplasty surgery to alter nose shape, size, and projection to its pre-baby look or a differently enhanced appearance.

Reach Out for a Consultation to Hear How Plastic Surgery May Return a Pre-Baby Body

Pregnancy and childbirth require your body to undergo several substantial changes for a healthy baby and safe delivery. However, since the skin undergoes significant stretching and weight fluctuations, many women do not like the look of their body afterwards. A routine question during plastic surgery consultations from women with this concern is, “Can plastic surgery return a pre-baby body?”

Though plastic surgery could make several significant improvements to your figure, your results may not be exactly the same as your pre-baby body. Nevertheless, mommy makeover surgeries and other cosmetic procedures could help recover a pre-baby body by restoring contours and balancing your figure’s proportions. Schedule an appointment today to hear more about the various surgeries that may be beneficial to include in your unique mommy makeover treatment.

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