Colder Weather and Body Contouring

The summer months are 157247370one of the most popular seasons for liposuction, when everyone is out in swimsuits. If you recently had liposuction or one of the latest liposuction alternatives like CoolSculpting®, or are thinking about one of these procedures soon, the winter months are something to watch for. With cooler weather and the calorie-packed holidays almost here, it’s time to start thinking about a sensible diet that will keep your body contouring results looking great.

Heat & Hunger

If you think you’re not as hungry during the summer, you’re not imagining it. The body naturally decreases its signals for wanting food during hot weather. Why? All the activities that take place within the body, including digestion, respiration and blood circulation, create heat. In hotter weather, the body is already straining to keep cool. Since eating will only require more work by the digestive system, the body sends the message that it should eat less, and our appetites decrease.

Cooler Weather and Calories

When your appetite increases as the weather starts cooling off, this is because the body is trying to warm up. Warming up takes a lot of energy, and eating keeps our engines stoked with plenty of fuel. Plus, it certainly makes it easier to eat more when you have all those mouth-watering treats stacked in front of you during holiday get-togethers!

It’s normal to eat more when it’s cooler, and less when it’s warmer. Just try to maintain a steady activity rate in between meals and all year long so that you get the most out of your liposuction results. And if you’re thinking about having liposuction next spring, make sure to watch what you eat over the holidays and keep up your exercise routine so you don’t make those “trouble spots” any worse before coming in for a procedure.

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