Whether caused by trauma, disease, birth defects or aging, feeling like you have a physical abnormality can contribute to feelings of embarrassment and low self-esteem. Reconstructive plastic surgery can restore a normal appearance that can improve your quality of life.

Dr. Lee B. Daniel is board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He offers a range of reconstructive procedures for individuals interested in improving cosmetic issues related to the body or face. In addition to reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Daniel and his team offer a full range of cosmetic procedures, helping men and women meet their appearance goals.

If you’d like to learn more about whether reconstructive surgery is right for you, please call 541-687-8900 or contact our office in Eugene today for more details or to schedule your consultation.

  • Breast Reconstruction: Reconstructing the breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy can help women achieve closure and restore a feminine appearance.
  • Earlobe Repair: Earlobe repair can be an excellent option for individuals who have torn, stretched or otherwise damaged their earlobes.
  • Scar Revision: With scar revision treatment, patients can minimize the appearance of scars, contributing to improved skin texture along with improved confidence.
  • Tissue Expansion: Tissue expansion can help reconstruct the breasts or other areas of the body using the patient’s own tissue.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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Dr. Lee B. Daniel - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,
244 Country Club Road,Eugene,Oregeon-97401,
Telephone No.(541) 636-9463
Dr. Lee B. Daniel is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Eugene, Oregon who offers reconstructive plastic surgery, including breast reconstruction.

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