Could Eye Tracking Software Really Help Make a Better Breast?

Woman with brown hair wearing eyeglasses.What makes a breast attractive? Instinct tells you that it is subjective. Different people are attracted to different things.

However, some people are calling this into question and examining whether or not eye-tracking software could lead to the next big plastic surgery advancement for breast augmentation.

Crowd Sourcing a Better Breast?

The use of eye-tracking software in improving plastic surgery isn’t done in the operating room or even when the implant is designed. Instead, it is done in a research environment. Test subjects are shown images of breasts and their eye movements are tracked.

The software records where on the breast the eye wanders, how long the gaze remains there, and where it moves after. With a large enough sample size, it’s possible that the data can be used to come to a consensus on what aspects are, on average, considered most attractive in a breast.

Will This Change Breast Augmentation in the Future?

[pullquote]While the data from such studies could be beneficial, it is unlikely to change the world of plastic surgery.[/pullquote]

As a breast augmentation trend, the use of eye-tracking software could prove interesting, but it is unlikely to be the game-changer that 3D-printed implants stand to be. This is because most clients seeking breast augmentation aren’t doing so with the approval of random test subjects in mind — they are getting surgery for themselves.

They come into their consultation with their ideal results in mind and know the look they want. While using eye-tracking software to better understand people’s perceptions of beauty could certainly be beneficial, it is likely to be more applicable to the world of marketing than plastic surgery.

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