Criteria For Breast Augmentation Success – Provided by Patients

Using patient input, researchers have identified 6 factors that influence patient satisfaction in breast surgery.  The August ’09 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes an article detailing these factors, which are described very briefly here.

  • Satisfaction With Breast Characteristics: This is clearly the main goal of any elective breast surgery.  Participants of the study commented about their enhanced breast shape and the clothing options that were available to them as a result.  One breast augmentation  patient comments, “I have really nice voluptuous, rounded, normal-sized perky breasts and I am sooo happy with them.”
  • Better Physical Well-Being: Breast reduction  patients can get relief from back and neck pain, which often allows increased activity and better health.
  • Better Psychosocial Well-Being: Patients in the study shared the positive changes in self perception and experiences in social settings, saying they felt increased confidence because they fit the perceived “norm” of the female body.
  • Better Sexual Well Being: Enhancements in breast shape and size can bring improvements in sexual pleasure, largely because it alleviates “negative feelings about the breasts” that often cause women to feel less attractive.
  • Positive Experience With Surgeon: Women who experienced a good surgeon-patient relationship – with open, honest communication – expressed more satisfaction with breast surgery.  Patients who had an adverse relationship with the surgeon or staff reported being fearful, uncomfortable, and less satisfied.
  • Overall Satisfaction i.e. Fulfilled Expectations: Researchers also included the simple category of general satisfaction.  If you could start over, would you undergo breast surgery again?  One breast augmentation patient responds, “there is not one day that goes by that I am not so pleased that I did it.”

You can access the article for free here at BioMed Central.

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