When stubborn fat, aging, or pregnancy make weight loss impossible, many people who develop loose and sagging skin on the abdomen seek cosmetic surgery as a long-term solution. While a tummy tuck offers long-term correction of these concerns, some individuals may want to avoid such an invasive surgery or want enhancements exclusively on the lower abdomen.

In that case, a mini tummy tuck offers similar benefits to a localized abdominal area. This cosmetic surgery has several advantages over a complete tummy tuck but has more limitations on potential alterations. Therefore, you should schedule a consultation to discuss whether you are an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck in Eugene or for another procedure.

What Areas Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Sculpt?

A mini tummy tuck sculpts the lower abdomen from below the belly button to immediately above the pubic area by removing stubborn excess fat and loose skin from and tightening the underlying muscles. Similar to a full tummy tuck surgery, a mini tummy tuck uses liposuction to remove fat while trimming away the excess skin before repositioning the remaining skin tighter over the muscles.

Unlike a full tummy tuck, the procedure does not reposition or alter the belly button cosmetically, which some women may want after pregnancy. However, a mini tummy tuck could remove stretch marks in the prescribed treatment area.

Since a mini tummy tuck procedure does not sculpt any abdominal area above the belly button, the surgery cannot repair the entire abdominal wall. Individuals who struggle with weak or separated abdominal muscles from weight gain or pregnancy should consider undergoing a complete tummy tuck.

Reasons to Consider a Mini Tummy Tuck Instead of a Complete Procedure

A mini tummy tuck offers the same cosmetic enhancements as a complete procedure, though limited to a smaller area. Therefore, since the surgery is less invasive, the recovery time shortens from the typical four weeks to two weeks of required rest. Furthermore, a mini tummy tuck has fewer potential surgical risks and complications than a complete tummy tuck.

For instance, a mini tummy tuck incision is substantially shorter, so there is less risk of infection after surgery. In addition, mini tummy tuck patients in Eugene usually have less significant scarring than those who undergo a full tummy tuck, especially when the operation combines new incisions with previous C-sections scars. Minimal scarring after a mini tummy tuck may be preferable for certain wardrobe choices, such as swimsuits.

Get in Touch for a Mini Tummy Tuck Consultation in Eugene

The idea of undergoing invasive surgery is daunting for many. Fortunately, a mini tummy tuck in Eugene could surgically enhance your lower abdomen with minimally invasive techniques. If you struggle with excess skin and fat between the belly button and pubic region, this less invasive option cuts the recovery time in half and has significantly less visible scarring, making it an excellent alternative to a complete tummy tuck.

However, if you want abdominal muscle repairs or enhancements above the belly button, you may not be an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Get in touch with our office to discuss your cosmetic goals and possible surgical enhancements with a professional.

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