Enhancing your appearance through cosmetic surgery can provide so much more than just a physical change. With the added benefit of a better self-image, breast augmentation is now the most frequently performed operation throughout the world. Though the advantages are considerable, one inevitable change with any surgical procedure is visible scarring on treatment areas. If you are considering a breast augmentation, you might be hesitating due to the possibility of scarring after your operation.

Luckily, there is a broad spectrum of at-home steps and professional treatments for breast augmentation scar management in Eugene that could reduce surgical scarring. Many non-invasive skin care treatments that target hyperpigmentation and acne marks could also treat and reduce breast scars. Call the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery office for more information on your options for managing post-surgical wound healing both independently and with professional guidance.

Ways to Minimize Breast Augmentation Scars at Home

After a breast augmentation, the incisions typically take one to two weeks to heal. These surgical wounds will then form into scars composed of collagen fibers – an essential protein to skin structure. In the next 18 months, breast augmentation scars continue to heal and fade on their own, as swelling and inflammation subside and the skin continues to recover.

One of the essential steps for scar management after breast augmentation surgery in Eugene is properly following post-operative care instructions. Properly following Dr. Daniel’s instructions for wound care will help prevent infections and ensure healthy collagen development for flatter, less noticeable scars. Once the incisions heal, you may also start to gently massage the area to break up abnormally tight collagen fibers, which make scars more visible.

Incorporating topical products, such as BioCorneum sold at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Vitamin E cream or oil, also helps reduce the appearance of scars, as do silicone products, including Mederma and silicone scar strips.

Professional Methods for Breast Implant Scar Management

When at-home methods of scar management do not give the desired result, breast augmentation patients in Eugene might turn to various cosmetic treatments. This can have the added benefit of improving overall skin tone and texture as well. Skincare treatments such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing can be performed at The SpaSide, our premiere MedSpa at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These treatments aim to remove damaged skin cells through exfoliation methods while encouraging healthier collagen growth, a key component of scar development.

In addition to standard skincare treatments, cortisone injections are an ideal non-invasive option for breaking down raised scars from breast augmentation. Alternatively, dermal fillers and collagen injections could correct depressions or indentions around healed wounds that resulted from insufficient collagen development during the healing process.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Scar Management Treatments in Eugene

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery could produce noteworthy improvements to your appearance and mental well-being. However, raised and visible scars could negatively impact your newfound confidence. Though scarring after surgery is natural and typically fades over time, some patients may want to take additional steps to reduce visibility for more discrete results. If you are unhappy with your degree of noticeable scarring, consider breast augmentation scar management in Eugene.

While entirely erasing scars with at-home techniques and professional treatment methods is not likely, additional steps could help scars fade more substantially than they would on their own. Contact the surgical center of Dr. Lee B. Daniel to hear more about your options from one of our aesthetic specialists.

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