Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide due to its significant and long-lasting physical and psychological benefits. You will typically enjoy more voluminous better-proportioned breasts for several years. However, scar tissue surrounding the implants, known as capsular contracture, could affect the position and shape of your breasts, causing discomfort and dissatisfaction with your appearance.

While the condition’s severity could be mild and have minimal effects, you may want to consider capsular contracture treatment in Eugene for more pronounced cases. If you have noticed your implants changing in shape and size, accompanied by pain, reach out to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for an assessment of whether or not you could benefit from this breast surgery.

What is Capsular Contracture?

After any surgical procedure, the body forms scar tissue – primarily made up of collagen fibers – as part of the healing process. Capsular contracture develops when these fibers harden excessively, resulting in abnormally tight scar tissue within the breasts. Breast implants could become misshapen and move higher up on the chest wall, resulting in visible breast shape and size distortion. The breasts will also feel firmer to the touch than is ordinary. The condition can develop into various stages:

  • Grade one cases are mild and usually do not produce noticeable symptoms.
  • Grade two capsular contracture is when minor cosmetic changes and increased breast firmness begin to develop.
  • Grade three breasts might appear overly round and hard with changes noted in nipple shape, but no pain.
  • Grade four results in the breasts being painful to the touch and often requires treatment.

Though the condition’s effects are physical, if you are experiencing capsular contracture, you might also be going through emotional distress. For most women, breast augmentation surgery is a way of regaining or boosting confidence. However, the changes in appearance that this hardened scar tissue can cause might end up just making things worse. Fortunately, the cosmetic improvements and pain alleviation from having capsular contracture treatment in Eugene will often restore self-confidence, general mood, and overall quality of life, in addition to alleviating the pain.

Treatment Options for Moderate and Severe Capsular Contracture

The typical method for correcting capsular contracture is corrective surgery in Eugene with Dr. Lee B. Daniel. Treatment is often for more severe cases, generally grade three and four, that are causing substantial pain and visible breast changes. With a capsulectomy, Dr. Daniel is able to relieve excess tension, remove scar tissue, and replace implants.

Since capsular contracture occurs due to atypical scar tissue development, it is more likely to develop within the first two years after surgery while collagen fibers are forming. Before the condition reaches these more advanced stages, there are steps you can take at home to help promote proper scar tissue healing. About one week after surgery, you may start to gently massage breast tissue to encourage healthy collagen growth and prevent hardening.

Learn More About Capsular Contracture Treatment Methods in Eugene

Developing a capsular contracture after getting breast implants can be embarrassing or even painful. While most women who make the decision to get breast implants will enjoy complication-free results, it is not uncommon for others to experience the body’s adverse reaction to implants.

If you are experiencing symptoms of breast distortion and pain, know that this is not unusual and that there are remedies. It is best to consider capsular contracture treatment in Eugene for long-term correction. Dr. Lee B. Daniel and the aesthetic experts at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are here to help you regain your physical and mental comfort. Call today to schedule an assessment and to go over your options for treatment.

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