Many individuals consider their foreheads too prominent and disproportionate to their other features, whether due to age, genetics, or medical factors. Though surgery could provide a long-lasting solution to this concern, one of the main considerations that make many people hesitant is the possibility of visible scarring. Further, individuals may be uncertain if they think forehead reduction surgery could cause noticeable, long-lasting hair loss in the areas where incisions are necessary.

However, forehead reduction surgery ensures scars are easily hidden beneath your hairline, and permanent hair loss from the operation is rare. After the procedure, most forehead reduction patients feel significantly more confident in their appearance. If you are unhappy with the size of your forehead, consider scheduling a consultation to discuss the advantages of Eugene forehead reduction surgery. Dr. Daniel and his team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have helped many individuals in Eugene to feel their best, so call today to learn about how we could help you, too.

How Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Work?

Forehead reduction surgery works by removing a minor to moderate amount of skin at the top of the forehead but before the hairline to make sure hair follicles remain undamaged. After removing the section of skin, Dr. Daniel brings together the hair-bearing scalp and the skin on the lower forehead, resulting in the hairline moving forward. Finally, the sutures necessary to close the incisions and tighten the skin together are hidden along the hairline to minimize their visibility after surgery.

In addition to reducing the forehead’s size, a forehead reduction procedure in Eugene could correct additional cosmetic concerns that frequently develop around the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead. For instance, the surgery could reduce a drooping, heavy, or low eyebrow appearance that disrupts facial proportions and impedes facial expressions. Further, forehead reduction surgery could complement the results of a brow lift procedure by bringing the hairline down more, further reducing the forehead.

Who Qualifies for a Forehead Reduction Procedure?

Forehead reduction procedures are the best option for most individuals who consider their hairline abnormally high or their forehead too prominent in length. Further, the surgery could also correct other cosmetic concerns around the forehead, including considerably heavy or low eyebrows that adversely impact facial expressions. For instance, lower eyebrows could make an individual consistently appear worried, angry, or tired, but a forehead reduction could raise the eyebrows’ position to alleviate this problem.

However, a forehead reduction is not ideal for reducing more prominent foreheads caused by substantial hair loss. If an individual has a receding hairline due to chronic hair loss and balding, additional hair loss after surgery could quickly reverse the effects of the procedure. In these cases, patients with a family or personal history of hair loss may consider forehead reduction surgery after undergoing surgical hair transplants first to combat balding.

Further, patients must have good skin laxity of the scalp to ensure the tissue can be stretched the necessary amount for proportional results. During an initial consultation in our Eugene office, Dr. Daniel could assess your unique situation and help you determine whether a forehead reduction surgery is the right procedure to get you the results you desire.

Reach out To Learn More About Forehead Reduction Surgery Options in Eugene

Seeing increasing hair loss and a receding hairline often results in embarrassment and self-consciousness for many affected individuals. Subsequently, their relationships, interactions, and quality of life often face adverse impacts as well. However, you could minimize the appearance of your forehead, create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, and boost your self-confidence with Eugene forehead reduction surgery. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

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