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Many people struggle with excess fat underneath and around the jawline, leading to the dreaded double chin effect. Surgical procedures can reduce a double chin, but a non-surgical injection called Kybella is usually a better option.

Since Kybella is a non-surgical procedure, recovery time is minimal, and there is little chance of scarring after treatment. Though there are a few risks to consider, a well-practiced aesthetic expert has experience with dermal fillers and could work hard to eliminate your excess chin fat.

Consider receiving Kybella in our Eugene office if you want to eradicate your double chin and sharpen the appearance of your jawline.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-invasive option that removes excess fat underneath the chin with strategically placed cosmetic injections. The shots contain an acid that absorbs fat by mimicking naturally occurring compounds in the body. In the weeks following the injections, the injected chemicals kill fat cells and the body’s filtration system removes the waste.

For ideal treatment results, most patients require between 20 and 30 injections. However, individuals can safely receive upwards of 50 shots in their chin.  Depending on a patient’s degree of excess chin fat, attending multiple sessions may produce more visible results. If a patient’s weight stays consistent after the procedure, they should not need future injections.

After a treatment session, most patients see effective results and a tightened jawline. Clinical trials demonstrate that more than 80 percent of Kybella patients reported significantly improved satisfaction with their appearance after a procedure. A well-practiced aesthetic expert in our office in Eugene could help maximize the potential of a Kybella treatment and rejuvenate a patient’s face.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Kybella Injections in Eugene?

The ideal candidate for these dermal fillers is any individual over the age of 18 with excess fat underneath the chin. The treatment works best for people with a moderate to severe amount of chin tissue buildup. Kybella is also a great option for individuals who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

Kybella sessions are not intended for individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or have trouble swallowing. Additionally, the treatment may not be an ideal choice for people who have received other facial treatments or hope to implement a procedure in the future. A knowledgeable team member could meet with a prospective patient in Eugene to determine whether Kybella is right for them.

What to Expect after a Kybella Treatment

These cosmetic injectables are non-invasive and non-surgical but still carry some risks. After a successful procedure, typical side effects include redness at injection sites, swelling, bruising, pain, or numbness. Fortunately, these minor complications generally only last for around two weeks.

Less common complications include trouble swallowing, nerve injury in the jaw, an uneven smile, or facial muscle weakness. However, an aesthetic expert in our office in Eugene could take the necessary steps to reduce side effects and help a patient feel comfortable about the Kybella procedure.

Speak with a Credible Surgeon in Eugene about Kybella Injections

Struggling with excess body fat that does not respond to diet and exercise is a challenging experience that could negatively impact your self-confidence. Double chins are a common concern for many individuals, but you have options if you want to combat yours. Kybella dermal fillers are powerful alternatives to surgery that feature minimal complications and brief recovery windows.

These cosmetic injectables work quickly; after receiving Kybella in our Eugene office you could see a dramatically slimmer chin area and sharpened jawline. Take the first step toward a better-looking and more confident self by reaching out to our aesthetic experts today.

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