Many people struggle with lips that feel undefined, too thin, or lacking in volume. Fortunately, there are options for achieving the look you want with Volbella. This dermal filler is designed to enhance the lips and organically smooth lines around the mouth.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your lips, getting Volbella in Eugene could restore your confidence by providing your desired facial proportions. The popularity of lip enhancement treatment has skyrocketed in recent years, so be sure to make the best decision and choose Volbella for your cosmetic needs.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is a non-surgical cosmetic injection that reshapes the area around the mouth and adds more volume to a person’s lips. The injection contains hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring, bodily chemical that is responsible for retaining water and tissue volume. Volbella shots boost the size of a patient’s lips by introducing more hyaluronic acid into the treatment areas.

One unique aspect of Volbella injections is that they are the only approved dermal filler for treating perioral lines, or the fine creases around the mouth. This makes Volbella a far better option than other alternatives.

When it comes to duration, Volbella injections can be effective for about a year after treatment. Patients may also return to a clinic for repeated treatments to help maintain their enhancements.

What Makes Volbella Injections Unique?

Volbella injections in Eugene are distinctively effective at restoring volume to the lips and smoothing fine wrinkles due to the size of the particles in the formula. Other cosmetic injectables fillers use larger particles, often resulting in lips looking excessively puffy or disproportional to other facial features. Volbella injections are the best choice for natural-looking lip enhancements.

Since the particles are smaller, patients with mild signs of aging benefit the most from Volbella injections. Individuals with deeper facial lines and wrinkles may not be well-suited for Volbella treatments and may instead be good candidates for Vollure.

Recovery after Volbella Injections

A patient should expect a few temporary side effects after receiving Volbella injections in Eugene. After treatment, a patient’s lips may show redness and bruising at injection sites and feel tender, painful, or itchy. Swelling is also typical and reaches its peak one to two days after Volbella injections but usually subsides after seven to 10 days.

All side effects that occur during the recovery period typically subside within a few weeks after treatment. It is best to avoid exercise and limit sun exposure 24 hours after treatment to maximize results and minimize side effects. The injection’s effects last between one year and 18 months, but the natural composition of the injections allows for follow-up sessions to maintain enhancements.

Consider Getting Volbella in Eugene to Restore Your Lips and Skin

The recent rise in popularity of lip injections may leave you feeling that your lips are too thin or undefined. Luckily, Volbella in Eugene is the optimal choice for achieving natural-looking and attractive lip enhancements. This cosmetic injectable is adept at reducing fine lines around the mouth for a rejuvenated skin appearance.

Since Volbella injections contain smaller particles than other treatment options, the results are ideal if you are looking for subtle, natural improvements. Afterwards, you could feel considerably more confident in yourself and your appearance. Choose Volbella dermal fillers for your enhancements and results that could make a dramatically positive impact on your life.

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