One of the biggest misconceptions is that aesthetic dermatology applies only to women. A societal shift in men’s attitudes within the last ten years has led to more men seeking to look healthier, younger, and more virile. Nearly simultaneously, technological and surgical advancements have increased the number and quality of anti-aging skin care treatments.

At SpaSide, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s premiere MedSpa, our team offers a range of non-surgical procedures for men and women. Male anti-aging skin care treatments in Eugene consider the unique aesthetic needs of our male patients and are fully individualized for each person. To learn more about the services we offer, call our clinic today.

What Causes Wrinkles and Skin Aging?

Not all men age in the same way or at the same rate. Various factors impact how quickly the skin wrinkles, sags, or develops deep folds. While it is a normal part of aging, some strategies slow the development or may prevent some signs of aging altogether.

Although wrinkles appear more commonly on the face, neck, and arms, they can develop nearly anywhere. A key element in developing wrinkles and fine lines is a natural slowing of the body’s collagen and elastin production over time. These essential proteins provide structure to the skin and give the skin flexibility.

As men age, there is also less fat under the skin, making the skin less smooth and contributing to sagging. Lifestyle choices can also contribute to the aging process. For example, smoking tobacco reduces collagen production, increasing the risk of wrinkles. Excess alcohol consumption, sun damage, and foods high in sugar also contribute to visible signs of skin aging. Male anti-aging skin care treatments in Eugene can remedy many of these concerns.

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments We Offer

Because a man’s skin is thicker and often contains more collagen and elastin, anti-aging skin care treatments in Eugene will often differ from those we provide for our female patients. During your initial consultation with our aesthetic experts, we will discuss your concerns and carefully examine the condition of your skin to customize the best treatment plan for your needs. This could include a combination of multiple procedures to provide optimal results.


Botox, sometimes colloquially called “Brotox,” are used to erase fine lines and dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them. The procedure is extremely quick and requires no downtime or recovery.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal skin fillers help to smooth out wrinkles and restore volume to areas including the cheeks, lips, and jawline. Dermal fillers can also erase the signs of acne scars. Several types of FDA-approved dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Voluma, and Radiesse, can be utilized based on a man’s age, skin type, and goals he wants to achieve.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments like Fraxel, Thermage, Pico Sure Focus, and VBeam can create a tighter and firmer appearance while restoring a more vibrant and radiant skin tone.

Spa Services and Skin Tightening

We also offer medical-grade skincare products, facials, chemical peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, and many other options for reducing the signs of aging and addressing other skin-related concerns such as tattoo and hair removal as well as treating acne.

Schedule a Consultation for Male Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments in Eugene

Our clinic offers a wide variety of anti-aging skin care treatments that are fully customized to the individual. We also take care to consider the unique needs of our male patients. Let us help you slow the aging process with male anti-aging skin care treatments in Eugene.

You will leave our MedSpa looking younger, more vital, and feeling more confident in your personal and professional life. Call today to schedule your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon and our team of aesthetic experts.

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