Fraxel Launches Impressive New Web Site

Reliant Technologies Inc. has launched an innovative new website for marketing Fraxel, their brand of fractional laser designed for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.  The purpose of the site, according to company spokespersons, is to educate patients and physicians on the product and provide “credible information on what makes Fraxel the gold standard in skin rejuvenation.” features an impressive flash-animation layout and displays recent clinical data, patient educational materials, videos/product demonstrations and for patients, an easier ability to compare each Fraxel systems’ intensity level and expected results.

For physicians the site includes web-seminars,video lectures, links to peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies featuring the Fraxel laser.

Jim Venable, director of Reliant Tech consumer marketing says the site was designed “particularly for consumers who must sort through a crowded aesthetics market place.”

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