Fraxel Named #157 on the Inc. Magazine Top 500

We think Fraxel has changed our world here in Eugene and our patients do too.

Reliant Technologies, the maker of the popular Fraxel laser, has quickly become known as the standard for laser skin resurfacing.

According to Inc. magazine’s editor Jane Berentson, “If you want to find out which companies are going to change the world, look at the Inc. 500.”

Inc. magazine’s prestigious list is mostly dependent on dramatic revenue growth. For Reliant, increases of the sales of their Fraxel laser systems (a 1450 percent increase) over the past 3 years has largely contributed to the company’s success.

In response to the ranking, Reliant CEO Eric Stang said, “We are pleased to be included in such a prestigious group of fast growing, successful companies that have been chosen by Inc. magazine.”

Chief technology officer Len DeBenedictis explained their rapid growth and success as a direct result of the success of Fraxel lasers used in aesthetic practices, saying, “We’ve seen continuous dramatic growth in the demand for Fraxel treatments as consumers become more aware of the safety and efficacy of our unique suite of skin rejuvenation products.”

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