How Good Health Before Plastic Surgery Can Reduce Recovery Time

Making sure a patient is inshutterstock_24726787 good health is one of the first things any surgeon looks at before moving forward. There are several ways that a sound mind and body can ensure a better plastic surgery experience, as well as a faster recovery time.

Your Weight and Fitness Level

Having a BMI in the normal range can reduce surgical complications and recovery times. Overweight bodies are more prone to surgical complications, while underweight bodies may lack the nutritional requirements for optimal recovery.

From an aesthetic standpoint, having already reached a healthy target weight prior to plastic surgery typically means seeing better results. Cosmetic procedures can’t help with weight loss, but are instead intended to bring out the best in your existing body.

Eating nutritious foods and getting regular exercise not only keeps your weight steady, but also ensures stronger immune function, which in turn helps the body recover from surgery more efficiently. Plus, maintaining good eating habits during recovery, like avoiding high-sodium foods and staying hydrated, may limit post-op swelling.

Staying mildly active after surgery can also help swelling dissipate more quickly, as well as promote good circulation. And of course, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle typically means better long-term results, especially after undergoing body contouring procedures like a tummy tuck or liposuction.

Pre-Surgery Supplements

If you’re committed to achieving optimum health before plastic surgery, there are a number of health and wellness supplements like B-Amplified injections and VitaMedica that may take your existing fitness regimen to the next level. Always check with your plastic surgeon first to see if these could be recommended options for seeing the best outcome from your own cosmetic procedure.

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