Inner vs. Outer Thigh Lift

Many individuals develop natural physical changes with age or after considerable weight loss and pregnancy, including moderate to severe skin and muscle tissue laxity. The combination of these transformations often results in a sagging appearance to affected areas, including the outer and inner thighs. In these situations, a lift procedure is an optimal solution for long-term correction; however, there are several distinct treatments for lifting and rejuvenating specific areas of the thighs.

The best way to decide whether you should undergo inner or outer thigh lift surgery is to discuss your cosmetic concerns and ideal enhancements in-depth with a qualified surgeon. Schedule a consultation for more information on inner vs. outer thigh lift surgery and the possible benefits, recovery time, and side effects of each operation.

Cosmetic Goals of an Inner Thigh Lift

When deciding between outer vs. inner thigh lift surgery, most patients opt for an inner thigh lift because of the increased likelihood of sagging skin developing on the inner thighs than outer. Another primary reason that inner thigh lift surgery is more common is the increased difficulty of targeting muscles in this area with exercise than the muscles on the outer hips. Plus, individuals who lose weight are more likely to develop moderate or severe skin laxity that requires surgical correction on the inner thighs.

The operation makes an incision on the inner thigh along the groin and may extend down the thigh for some individuals with more severe skin laxity. The surgeon removes excess fat and skin before tightening the skin and underlying muscle tissues to reduce visible drooping.

Since an inner thigh lift makes incisions higher up on the inside of the leg, the scarring is less apparent and more easily hidden beneath clothing after the operation than with an outer thigh lift. Like all body contouring procedures, the surgery does not prevent new skin laxity and excess fat from developing, so it is vital to avoid weight gain after surgery.

Cosmetic Enhancements from Outer Thigh Lift Surgery

When comparing outer vs. inner thigh lift surgery, an outer thigh lift procedure typically targets a larger area than an inner thigh operation, often including the buttocks. The surgeon creates an incision along the upper hip extending around the upper buttocks that allows the removal of extra fat with liposuction before tightening and repositing muscle tissue. Next, the surgeon trims loose, sagging skin and repositions the remaining skin tightly over newly enhanced muscle contours to create a smooth, firm appearance.

Unlike inner thigh lift surgery, an outer thigh lift could provide balance and symmetry of the proportions between your hips, shoulders, and chest. Individuals with a higher degree of symmetry and more balanced proportions are typically perceived as more attractive to others, which could be a substantial benefit for some.

Since an outer thigh lift often extends to the buttocks, the surgery could reduce the appearance of cellulite around the outer thighs and butt area. However, the procedure does not minimize the cellulite found on the back of the thighs. As a result of the more prominent incision and placement of outer thigh lift incisions, the scarring is usually more visible than with inner thigh lift surgery but could be covered with clothing.

Schedule a Consultation to Hear More Differences of Inner vs. Outer Thigh Lifts

Outer thigh lift surgery benefits include restoring your hip, buttocks, and thigh contours while balancing your figure, but leaves noticeable scarring. On the other hand, inner thigh lift scars are less noticeable and more easily hidden, which may be preferable for some individuals. However, both operations offer notable cosmetic improvements to the thighs by eliminating loose skin and tightening the underlying tissues.

Inner and outer thigh lift surgery could be performed simultaneously if you have significant sagging and skin laxity on most areas of the thighs and want more widespread improvements. If you are still debating between inner vs. outer thigh lift surgery, contact us today to schedule a meeting with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss which operation would be better suited for your ideal surgical enhancements.

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