Is a New Year’s Facelift Right For You?

180451375New Year’s is a time for rejoicing over past accomplishments and anticipating future achievements, but it can also be a reminder of how the passage of time has affected your appearance. If the person you see when you look in the mirror seems more aged than you feel on the inside, it may be time to consider your facial rejuvenation options. Depending on your needs, a facelift might be just the right procedure to bring out the best in your natural features.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

If the effects of age have caused facial wrinkles, sagging jowls or a thin, hollowed look, getting a facelift can be an excellent way to refresh your features and turn back the clock. Putting your best face forward in the New Year can be a great way to celebrate moving forward into older age with a positive outlook and remind yourself that age is just a number.

The Benefits of a Facelift

During a facelift, your surgeon can reallocate fat distributions in your face to create a more youthful look, as well as tighten the underlying musculature to help remedy sagging. Finally, the facial skin is tightened gently to smooth out wrinkles. Those with less extensive needs may be candidates for a limited incision technique, which uses smaller incisions to minimize scarring.

When It’s Time for a Facelift

The best facelift candidates are men and women who are concerned with loose skin in the lower face and neck, hollowed cheeks and deep creases around the nose and mouth. Facelift candidates are commonly in their more mature years, but today, many individuals begin to consider a facelift as early as middle age. The best results are seen in non-smokers who are in overall good physical health and practice diligent skin care.

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