Healthier Blood May Be Among Liposuction Benefits

Patients who undergo liposuction may see improved heart health in some cases, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to slimming your most troublesome body parts, liposuction benefits may include ridding your blood of some harmful fat elements, namely triglycerides. While your body needs some level of triglycerides, a high level of them can lead to heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments.

This new research found that while those with normal levels of triglyceride experienced no change following liposuction, those with high levels of triglycerides saw the additional liposuction benefits. In fact, three months after their liposuction procedure, patients with the highest levels of triglycerides saw a 43% reduction in triglycerides.

To compare, patients who take cholesterol-lowering medications can expect only about half that reduction in triglycerides.

Good news—the liposuction benefits may not stop there. White blood cells, which can lead to inflammation, were seen to drop 11% after liposuction.

While this may encourage you to contact your plastic surgeon immediately for liposuction, it should be noted that further research must be completed to understand the full additional liposuction benefits that may be achieved.

More details from the research were made available last month in Denver for the annual meeting of the ASPS.

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