Micro-Treasol Peel Clears Acne, Improves Complexion

Just got this letter from a patient of Sabel’s…

In August of this year, my skin was at its worst.  I have always had a problem with acne so my skin was very bumpy and rough, with large visible pores.  On my cheeks, chin, and forehead I had spots of hyper pigmentation.  I have used lots of different products to lighten my skin but nothing has really ever worked.  It also appeared my skin looked dull and almost grey.  No matter what scrub I used, that grey tinge would never really go away.

I had my first Sonic Peel treatment that month.  Afterwards, my skin was a little red and irritated, but that only lasted a couple of hours.  Later that night, before I went to bed, I put 4 layers on my face of the Micro-Treasol liquid as directed by Sabel.

The next morning, I could notice a difference.  My pores looked tighter and the acne that had begun to start the day before had vanished.  Later that day, my forehead felt a little sore almost like it was bruised, but it wasn’t swollen or red.  I continued with the 4 layers of Micro-Treasol every night for 4 nights.  Every day my skin was getting smoother and my acne clearing up!

Ten days later I had my second Sonic Peel, and started the next round of Micro-Treasol.  Everyday I noticed my complexion getting better and pores were visibly tighter.  After my third Sonic Peel I could notice my hyper-pigmentation fading.

Friends started to comment on how great my skin was looking!  Even my husband who had never said anything about my skin before said how good it looks!  I have had 7 treatments and my skin has continued to get better.

My acne scars are flatter and the pores on my cheeks and nose are barely visible.  My skin now has a healthy glow and even my wrinkles are less noticeable.  I highly recommend this treatment to anyone, I am very happy with the results.



Dr. Lee B. Daniel, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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Eugene OR   97401