Why You Might Want to Add a Monthly Facial to Your Beauty Routine

woman getting facialCultivating the perfect beauty routine isn’t easy, but the hard work of finding which products in which combinations work for your skin is worth it. Even with all of your trial and error, your beauty routine might be missing something,—and a monthly facial might be exactly what your regimen needs to take your skin from good to great. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting a facial.

Stop Skincare Problems before They Start

An esthetician is a pro at spotting potential issues in your skin. If you stop into your med spa for regular monthly facials, your provider should be able to recognize changes in your skin and adjust your treatment to take care of them. They know what changes with the seasons, too, so they can up your moisture for dry winter skin and make sure your complexion is protected in summer.

Put Extractions in the Hands of a Professional

You’ve been told a million times not to pick or prod at your spots, but the temptation to extract your own blemishes can be powerful. Just stop! Leave the squeezing to a professional. The esthetician performing your monthly facial can rid your skin of any blemishes they deem safe to extract, leaving you with fewer red spots and less potential to spread bacteria.

Get the Help of a Skincare Expert

There are things you can do yourself to maintain your car, like swapping out wiper blades or refilling fluids, but the big stuff is always left to the professionals. The same idea applies to your skin. You’re more than qualified to be in charge of day-to-day maintenance, but every once in a while, it pays to bring in a professional who can help you solve any skin issues and guide you in the right direction with your daily beauty routine.   

[pullquote]Some things are best left to professionals. Adding a monthly facial to your beauty regimen gives your esthetician the chance to head problems off at the pass.[/pullquote]


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