Multiple Options For Rejuvenated Eyes

Is this you? Your eyes appear swollen morning and night; you constantly have under eye bags or dark circles; when people aren’t saying you look tired, they’re asking if you have allergies or if you feel okay.

If these situations sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to make a change.  When treatments are so readily available, you shouldn’t have to live with such conditions.

Dr. Lee Daniel is a board certified plastic surgeon who can recommend treatment options such as the following:

•    Upper and/or lower eyelid surgery
•    A brow/forehead lift
•    Injection with Botox cosmetic
•    Injection of a dermal filler to add volume to sunken eye troughs

In some cases, patients benefit from a combination of the above options.  Many choose to combine eyelid surgery with a brow lift.  Choosing to undergo surgery (or even a non-surgical procedure) is a significant decision, so try to gather as much information as possible.  View before and after photos of patients like you, or speak to former patients and ask them questions like these:

  1. How was the procedure beneficial for you?
  2. Were you comfortable with your surgeon?
  3. Would you do it again?
  4. Would you do anything differently?

The eyes are one of the first features on the face to which most of us respond. You deserve to have eyes that radiate, eyes that brighten your face and eyes that reflect how young and energetic you truly feel.

If you’re ready to discuss your options for facial and eyelid rejuvenation, contact the Oregon surgery office of Dr. Lee Daniel today.

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