NIA 24: Hydrates, Protects, Rejuvenates

Wrinkles, Age Spots, and Sagging: These are the three concerns women most often express about their skin. They are signs of aging due to sun damage.

If you don’t address sun damage quickly, undesirable skin conditions can appear later in life – conditions like uneven skin tone, sun spots and severe wrinkles.

Fortunately, we now have decades of research available on cell rejuvenation, skin health, and the ways in which certain ingredients aid this process. It is a proven fact that products containing the three key antioxidant vitamins – A (Retin, Retinyl, Retinoic Acid or Retinol); C (Ascorbic Acid); and E (Tocopherol), as well as the nutrient Niacin, accelerate cell turnover.

Vitamin A is beneficial in multiple ways; the most important benefit is probably the stimulation of collagen growth. Vitamin C and E are super-charged rejuvenators, and the nutrient Niacin acts as a sort of damage control. Together these components naturally rejuvenate by ‘turning on’ the cells that make collagen and elastin. When combined in a product, they can effectively treat signs of premature aging.

The TODAY SHOW recently featured the NIA24™ product line, which contains several of these potent ingredients.

One of the most important factors in skin health is retaining moisture and replenishing the water in our skin. NIA24™ deeply hydrates skin while also protecting against the environment. It also reverses pre-existing skin damage by aiding body’s natural repair mechanisms. The ‘power ingredient’ in NIA24™ is NIACIN.

Niacin prevents melanin production from reaching the skin to reduce unwanted pigmentation. Once you start using NIA24™ new sun spots will stop appearing the next important step in the process will being – gentle exfoliation. You will shed off those brown spots and sun damaged areas revealing healthy, clear skin underneath.

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