Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Is Bonding Time for Some Couples

As they mature, more couples are choosing to undergo non-invasive plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging together, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune.

Why Are Couples Choosing Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery?

The trend is likely because people are not only living longer than before, but also because they are working harder, which puts added stress on the skin, according to Dr. Leo R. McCafferty, vice president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The uptick in non-invasive plastic surgery may also be attributed to improvements in the economy, which has seen consumers with more spending money.

One plastic surgery practice near Pittsburgh saw about six couples for non-invasive plastic surgery five years ago and now sees almost 30 couples per year.

Not only are couples undergoing similar non-invasive plastic surgery treatments to maintain a youthful look for their spouses, but they may also be doing so to stay competitive in the workplace.

What Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Options Are Couples Choosing?

Though surgical procedures are still popular among a range of patients, young and mature, non-invasive plastic surgery is only gaining traction. Most popular among women and men looking to shave a few years off is Botox, an injectable that smooths out many types of facial wrinkles.

Though one woman had undergone non-invasive plastic surgery treatments like chemical peels, she had not pressured her aging husband to do so. However, when he began to notice wrinkles creeping across his cheeks, he chose to have injectable fillers, like Juvederm or Restylane, to fill in the deep lines.

When you visit board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel’s office for a consultation, make sure to inquire about non-invasive plastic surgery as well as traditional plastic surgeries to reduce the signs of aging and refresh your skin, at any age.

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