How to Pick the Perfect Breast Implant Size for Your Dream Look

Putting together the details of your breast enhancement procedure can be both very exciting and a bit overwhelming. One of the most common questions that women have going into their initial breast augmentation consultation is, “What size breast implants should I get?”

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Instead, you’ll have to look at a few different factors to keep in mind when selecting the perfect size for you.

Consider Your Natural Proportions

The goal of breast enhancement is to highlight your body’s natural curves and maintain a balanced look. Thus, the size of your natural breasts can influence what size of implant you choose to complement your figure. What type of breast enhancement surgery you’re having also affects things – for instance, if you are combining a breast lift with augmentation, the implant size and shape your surgeon recommends may be affected. And in some cases, a breast lift alone may be enough to achieve your desired breast appearance.

Breast implants that are much too large for your natural chest to hip ratio can result in an unbalanced finished look.

Factor in Your Lifestyle

Are you very active? What types of exercises do you like to do on a regular basis? What are your personal breast augmentation goals? These are all questions to ask yourself when trying to choose a breast implant size.

If maintaining a strenuous workout routine is important to you, for example, make sure you discuss this with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

Ask an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Figuring out the best breast implant size for your needs and goals can be a challenge to do on your own. Rely on the expertise of your plastic surgeon to help guide you through the decision-making process while planning your breast augmentation.

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