Preparing for Body Sculpting Surgery

Body sculpting surgery is the best way to enhance your contours after significant weight loss leaves you with loose, sagging skin. Further, the procedures could eliminate the last of your stubborn body fat that never seems to decrease with diet or exercise. However, since surgery is not a suitable alternative for healthy weight loss, several precautionary steps must be taken when preparing for body sculpting surgery.

Further, different body sculpting procedures could require different preparation steps, so it’s important to make sure you learn about what to do from a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Lee B. Daniel before undergoing any surgery. In addition to preparation requirements for body sculpting, it is important to prepare for the recovery process afterward as well. Reach out for a body sculpting consultation to further discuss the procedures, potential outcomes, and necessary preparations.

Important Preparations before Body Sculpting Surgery

Many people believe body sculpting surgery is for substantial weight loss by removing excess body fat. However, the procedures are not for weight loss and, instead, focus on the effects of natural, healthy weight loss – specifically loose or sagging skin. Body sculpting patients must therefore be close to their ideal weight before surgery, since the procedures remove small amounts of excess body fat.

In addition, patients must maintain this weight for some time before undergoing a body sculpting procedure to ensure weight fluctuations after surgery do not reduce enhancements. For this reason, establishing healthy habits like regular exercise and a balanced diet are vital for improved outcomes and recovery after body sculpting surgery. Patients who maintain a stable weight by sticking with healthy habits enjoy their body sculpting enhancements for longer.

Lastly, nicotine and medications that increase bleeding interfere with the body’s healing process after surgery. Therefore, it is vital for body sculpting patients to stop smoking at least several weeks before surgery, but ideally several months beforehand. Further, patients should not take anti-inflammatory medications, herbal supplements, and aspirin for at least two weeks before a cosmetic body procedure.

Preparing for Recovery to Prolong Results

The recovery process after body sculpting surgery may last several weeks and temporarily limit a patient’s physical abilities. For instance, if a patient chooses to have a breast lift or arm lift procedure as part of their body sculpting surgery, they must refrain from lifting heavy objects and raising their arms above the shoulders. As a result, body sculpting patients prepare for the results of surgery by setting up childcare, pet care, and assistance with household tasks.

Additionally, stocking up on easily made or premade meals and hydrating fluids could also ease the recovery process. Lastly, since recovery after body sculpting surgery can be emotionally draining and physically taxing, setting up a support system may be beneficial during recovery.

Ask Dr. Daniel about How to Prepare for Body Sculpting Surgery

Substantial weight loss is an impressive accomplishment that deserves recognition but could result in loose skin that hides your new body contours. In that case, body sculpting surgery can remove loose, sagging skin and tighten the remaining skin to enhance and emphasize your contours and muscle definition. However, preparing for body sculpting surgery requires a stable weight, refraining from substances that adversely impact healing, and preparing your home for several weeks of recovery.

By following these preparations steps, you could improve the outcome and longevity of your body sculpting enhancements. Schedule a body sculpting consultation with Dr. Daniel to discuss your ideal results, available procedures, and necessary preparation steps.

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