Product Feature: Jane Iredale Eye Amazing Circle-Delete

Your eyes obviously play an important role in your facial aesthetic, so when shadows and dark circles appear beneath them it can really make a negative impact.  Dark circles are a common condition, caused by a variety of factors including heredity, allergies, and thinning skin under the eyes. We understand that many people become frustrated by this condition.  During the summer months, people are likely to get more exposure to sunlight, which causes the skin to increase pigmentation.  This same principle applies to the skin under the eyes.

You may be able to diminish the appearance of dark circles with Jane Iredale’s Eye Amazing Treatment Plus Concealer, which offers 3 different skin tone choices to pick from:

  • Number 1 combines Light and Medium Yellow for light shade
  • Number 2 offers Medium Peach shades
  • Number 3 offers deep yellow and deep brown shades

This top of the line concealer contains Jojoba Ester and Avocado Oil as moisturizers, it is high in vitamins A, C, D & E to nourish the under-eye area, and combines Zinc and Titanium Dioxide to protect the tender area under our eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Of course, for those of us who need more coverage, you can combine Jane Iredale’s Active Light with Circle/Delete. Or you may want to use Circle/Delete as a standalone product.

We can show you how to apply one or both products to get the best results.

Hear what patients have to say about this product:

“I can actually blend and control those annoying dark circles under my eyes. The yellow tone blends perfectly with my skin tone and disappears after applied. The consistency is just right!”

“This is the best concealer – not cakey but smooth and literally transparent when applied! It allows you to fake flawless skin and cover any dark circles and blemishes. I’ve purchased this a handful of times and stock up when I remember to order as I can’t be without it for a day!”

“You get a two color creamy concealer that you can blend and that goes on smooth. You don’t have to go around with raccoon-eyes! It doesn’t smear when I use mascara and it really does provide continuous coverage when working long hours. It is great, no complaints.”

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