Q&A: Can You Combine Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Dr. Daniel’s Answer:

Combination surgery is more common than not in my practice. This is performing two to three or more surgeries on a patient during a single anesthetic.

For example a breast lift or implants with a tummy tuck is the classic “mommy makeover”. The benefit is great in a patient who is otherwise a healthy candidate. A single down time, a single anesthetic, and a single recovery is part of it but one of the more important parts in today’s economy is that it is less expensive to do combination surgery than to split them out into separate procedures.

In fact 73% of my surgeries in the last month were combination surgeries! Know that full extensive medical preoperative evaluation is absolutely necessary to ensure that this is a safe plan for every patient. As always, consults are complementary so come in and see us!

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