Should You Keep Your Plastic Surgery a Secret?

Try to keep your loved ones in the loop, for your sake as well as theirs!

Plastic surgery, especially the minimally-invasive procedures, aren’t nearly as taboo as they were back in the early days of the field. Between the rise in popularity of minimally-invasive procedures such as Botox, high-profile celebrities flaunting fabulous results, and a general change in attitudes, it’s never been more socially acceptable to get some work done.

That said, some people may still want to keep their surgeries to themselves, be it because they’re shy, or because they worry how some people might react. The question is; should you hide your cosmetic surgery from others?

If you’re not interested in telling the whole world about your procedures, and consider plastic surgery a more private affair, there’s certainly no harm in not broadcasting it – you’re entitled to your privacy. Your coworkers and casual acquaintances generally don’t need to be privy to how you maintain your body, surgery or no. Especially if it’s a procedure they’re not likely to see the results of anyway, such as a tummy tuck. Furthermore, some surgeons specialize in more natural-looking results for the more visual procedures like a face lift. If your procedure yields highly visible results, such as a breast augmentation that adds generously to your bust size, be ready to field some questions. Otherwise, it’s really none of their business.

However, when it comes to very close friends, family, and loved ones, it’s highly recommended that you keep them in the loop, no matter how worried you may be that they’ll disapprove. The decision to undergo any procedure is a big one, and going through it unbeknownst to your support circle is only going to hurt you in the long run. Most procedures require at least some recovery time, and a spouse, friend or family member can be instrumental in helping you through that period.

If you’re concerned that a spouse or a loved one is going to be unsupportive of your choice, the most you can do is try to reassure them that you’re doing it for all the right reasons. It can also be reassuring to have them sit in on your consultation with your plastic surgeon. As an industry professional, your surgeon may be able to dispel your loved ones’ anxieties about your pending procedure.

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