Tales of Breast Implant Disaster Teach Prospective Patients Valuable Lessons

hershey5In a surprising article by the Orange County Register, recent highly publicized botched boob job stories were outlined as cautionary tales illustrating valuable lessons for would-be breast augmentation patients wishing to avoid experiencing their own plastic surgery nightmares.

In addition to touching on the risks of traveling abroad for plastic surgery, the article highlights important considerations for setting safe cosmetic surgery goals and choosing a competent breast augmentation surgeon.

Buyer beware of surgeons practicing outside their specialty

When mother of four Kenyatta Brown sought breast augmentation from an Atlanta eye doctor in February 2010, she nearly bled to death during the relatively routine procedure.  Enticed by the low price, Brown’s attempt to save cash by having breast augmentation done by an ophthalmologist with little to no plastic surgery training nearly cost her life.

Brown learned the hard way that state medical boards do not limit a licensed physician’s scope of practice based on training or credentials, so physicians with little or no experience performing breast augmentation are legally allowed to take up the practice at will to make a quick buck in the lucrative, cash-only cosmetic surgery business.

You wouldn’t go to a plastic surgeon for an eye exam, so don’t go to an eye doctor or any other physician practicing outside his or her specialty for breast surgery.  Instead, seek an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation.

Set safe and reasonable breast augmentation goals

Unable to get the gigantic breast implants she desired in the U.S. due to legal restrictions, 28-year-old Sheyla Hershey traveled to Brazil for breast enhancement surgery with record-breaking silicone implants that gave the 5’3” woman a 38KKK bustline.

After undergoing the surgery Texas plastic surgeons warned her was extremely high risk, Hershey developed near-fatal staph infection that forced her to have the new silicone breast implants removed.  Hershey may also lose her natural breasts in whole or in part due to the infection.

The story of Hershey and her over-the-top breast implants highlights the importance of setting realistic cosmetic goals, choosing a breast implant size that fits your frame and trusting the advice of ethical plastic surgeons who adhere to U.S. medical safety regulations.

Budget for potential breast augmentation complications

Nicola Stratton flew from the UK to Los Angeles to undergo 30 hours of cosmetic surgery for the British Extreme Makeover TV show with no idea that agreeing to free plastic surgery, especially so far from home, could prove costly for her.

After one of Stratton’s saline breast implants deflated and she developed a common scar tissue problem called capsular contracture, Stratton realized she needed breast revision surgery but didn’t have the means to travel all the way to her original surgeon in L.A. for follow up or pay the necessary $5,000 hospital fee for the revision surgery.

Stratton’s predicament illustrates the importance of considering your travel budget when choosing a breast augmentation surgeon, as well as the importance of budgeting additional funds for additional surgery should complications arise that warrant breast revision surgery.

Choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon

These stories of breast surgery gone bad primarily tell patients what to avoid when seeking breast enhancement and illustrate the importance of choosing an Oregon breast augmentation surgeon who:

  • Is certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Adheres to U.S. and Canadian health care laws and ethical practice guidelines
  • Is located in an area that you can afford to travel to for follow up
  • Is skilled at performing breast revision surgery should the need arise
  • Will help you safely achieve your realistic and reasonable cosmetic goals
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