The 1 Really Big Thing Missing from Your Med Spa Routine

Man in a wearing a white towel engaging in his daily skincare routine.You have a full skincare routine every morning and night. You buy the very best products, and you frequent the med spa to get all the latest treatments. But there is something that you might be missing from your skincare and med spa routine.


You see, without taking the right steps, even the best med spa anti-aging treatments won’t be able to deliver lasting results. And far more important than toning and moisturizing is preventing sun damage.

Using Sunscreen Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

It might sound like you need to add yet another step to your morning routine, and since sunscreen must be reapplied every so many hours, like you will need to disrupt your day multiple times. However, water-resistant formulas should last the whole day. You could simplify even further by opting for cosmetics that offer SPF protection — no need to add any steps.

Sunscreen Is Important Every Day

[pullquote]Don’t let cloudy days fool you. UV rays easily pass through the clouds and to your skin.[/pullquote]

If you think cloudy days and wintertime mean there is less need for sunscreen, you aren’t alone. However, you would be wrong. Even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of UV rays from the sun still make it through. And although winter is cold, that doesn’t make the sun any less powerful or damaging. Always wear sunscreen.

Get the Most from Your Med Spa Treatments

Ultimately, med spa treatments are an investment in you and you need to treat them as such. Take the right steps to maintain the results of the best med spa anti-aging treatments and prejuvenation so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

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