Beauty starts on the inside. VitaMedica® is a line of pharmaceutical-grade supplements developed by plastic surgeons and medical professionals.* With supplement programs for a wide range of health and cosmetic concerns, VitaMedica® is one of the most popular brands of nutraceuticals for any age stage of life.

The medical team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is committed to ensuring that each man and woman who walks through our doors has their needs met. VitaMedica® can play an important role in helping you get the most out of your diet and lifestyle, including when recovering from aesthetic surgery.*

If you’d like to learn more about whether VitaMedica® is right for you, please call 541-687-8900 or contact our office in Eugene today for more details. We offer free consultations for our medical spa patients.

Before Starting with VitaMedica®

Before beginning on a VitaMedica® regimen, you’ll have a consultation with a member of our health and wellness team. During this time, you can discuss any concerns or questions you may have, including what you hope to improve about your health.

Many people choose to start with VitaMedica® products to help them prepare for and recovery from a plastic surgery procedure. Depending on your needs and goals, your wellness advisor may also recommend injectable supplements  to complement the effects of your VitaMedica® program.

Your VitaMedica® Program

VitaMedica® supplements are evidence-based homeopathic and nutraceutical products. Only the highest quality ingredients are included, and VitaMedica® uses no preservatives, colorants or other artificial substances.* Specialized formulas are designed to address specific concerns:

Whatever your health concern, be sure to discuss any questions with our medical team. A combination approach of the right health support and the right treatments can make a world of difference.

More Information about VitaMedica®

To learn more about your options for VitaMedica® supplements, please contact us online or call us today at 541-687-8900. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is conveniently located near the Oakway Center.

* This information is for education only, courtesy of, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

VitaMedica Natural Health Supplements
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VitaMedica Natural Health Supplements
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Dr. Lee B. Daniel - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,
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Dr. Lee B. Daniel of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Eugene offers VitaMedica, a line of physician-created, pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

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