Skin Care Quiz

A proper skin regimen is an integral part to the health of your skin health. People of all ages and skin types should be using sunscreen on a daily basis. No excuses! The appearance of a healthy glowing complexion compliments any surgery that Dr. Daniel performs or treatments that the Spa Side offers.

Take this quiz to assess how healthy your skin appears and which of our skincare product lines can begin your skin’s transformation to a more youthful appearance.

Beautiful skin is closer than you think!

1) What is your age?

A) Younger than 35
B) 36 to 45
C) 46 or older

2) Which of the following best describes your current skin care regimen?

A) I use some form of skincare on a daily basis.
B) I’m inconsistent.
C) What is a skincare regimen?

3) I would describe my skin as _____.

A) Oily and shiny. I need to powder my nose frequently.
B) My skin feels tight and dry.
C) I’m a combination of both! Oily in some areas and dry in others.

4) Around my eyes I have:

A) Little fine lines and some puffiness.
B) Dark circles and skin that looks dehydrated. I see fine lines as well.
C) Skin that looks loose and saggy. It is puffy and I have crow’s feet.

5) Which of the following describes your main concerns about the appearance of your skin?

A) I feel a loss of firmness. I am beginning to see visible signs of sun damage and fine lines. My skin also feels rough to the touch.
B) I definitely see fine lines and deeper lines beginning to form. My pores are more noticeable and my skin appears uneven in color.
C) Help! My face feels rough to the touch. I have brown patches showing and my skin looks sallow. I see deeper wrinkles and fine lines everywhere!

If you have answered mostly A’s, our Spa Side Essential line can help you to reveal beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. It is a powerful way to rebuild and rejuvenate aging skin.

If you have answered mostly B’s, it is time for you consider a more comprehensive regimen that is designed to reverse existing signs of aging and prevent future signs of aging. If you would like softer, smoother, radiant and a more even complexion you could consider Dr. Obagi’s CRX products.

If you have answered mostly C’s and you are ready to both see and feel a difference, you need to get serious with a product line like Dr. Obagi’s NUDERM. NUDERM is the #1 physician-dispensed skin care line that is clinically proven to transform your skin!

Beautiful skin is closer than you think! Please call 541-687-8900 or  contact our office if you’d like to learn more about whether medical spa treatments are right for you. Our skincare specialists can customize a specific routine to meet your skins needs through any of these lines or a combination of speciality products.

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