Thermage and Reliant Technologies (Fraxel) Finalize Merger

thermage1-300x149Thermage has announced its acquisition of the Mountain View, California based company, Reliant Technologies.  The deal is valued at a total of $66.2 million in stock and cash.

Reliant has become a popular fixture in the aesthetic surgery market due to the success of Fraxel, its brand of skin-resurfacing laser technology, which we offer at The Spa Side in our office in Eugene.

Thermage Inc purchased the company for approximately 23 million in stock shares, $25 million cash and must assume $7 million of Reliant’s debt.  Shares of Reliant stock have dropped since plans for the deal were made public in July.

Reliant Technologies has been a highly profitable company, largely due to the effectiveness of Fraxel laser technology.  Fraxel treatments stimulate collagen growth and resurface skin by penetrating the outer dermis with ‘fractional’ microscopic laser columns.  The body’s natural healing process then promotes skin rejuvenation and collagen building.

Thermage is known for marketing a unique, non-invasive cosmetic skin treatment that utilizes radiofrequency technology to heat and thus, tighten skin.  The treatment is also said to improve skin texture and tone.

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