Things to Avoid During Rhinoplasty Recovery

Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure used to correct an individual’s nasal structure. This involves reshaping the nose to make it more uniform with other facial features and often comes with the benefit of alleviating breathing difficulties. Before you can begin to enjoy your new look and added self-confidence, you can take steps to make your road to recovery much smoother and protect your anticipated results.

Activities That Jeopardize Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Daniel will advise you to avoid exercises such as lifting weights, running, walking, jogging, and aerobic workouts for a few weeks following rhinoplasty. This is because more blood flowing to the face can worsen the swelling or increase the chances of excessive bleeding. Engaging in intense activity also raises the risk of an accident. Even a simple trip or fall could harm your nose and damage the procedure’s results. Some of the other things you should avoid are:

  • Blowing your nose until you get the all-clear
  • Touching, hitting, or applying pressure to your nose
  • Sneezing – if possible, try to sneeze with your mouth open or tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue to avoid an anticipated sneeze
  • Swimming or getting your incisions wet
  • Making exaggerated facial expressions

Some of these things will be harder than others to avoid. However, doing your best to follow aftercare instructions will make a vital difference in the outcome of your results.

Other Activities to Limit After Nose Surgery

The physical activities you will have to avoid during rhinoplasty recovery, such as exercise and heavy lifting, might be less surprising than some of the other things you will need to limit. These can include a variety of daily rituals, unhealthy habits, and even certain conveniences.

Staying Out in the Sun

You may want to flaunt your new nose at the beach or pool once you take off your bandages. Remember that exposure to the sun might cause your incision site to become discolored and can raise your risk of developing certain complications. Because of this, Dr. Daniel advises using a good hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from sun damage.

Wearing Glasses

For those who wear glasses, you may need to use contact lenses for a while during recovery. When glasses rest on the bridge of the nose, the softened cartilage and tissue are under frequent pressure. It is better to set those glasses aside while your nose is still healing to ensure there are no unwanted shape changes.

Wearing Makeup

While applying makeup may seem like a good way of covering any post-surgical bruising around the eyes and nose, these cosmetics can increase the risk of infection.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Nicotine can constrict blood vessels and lessen blood flow which prevents healing. Alcohol thins the blood, which encourages excessive bleeding and can interfere with any post-operative medications. For at least three weeks following your rhinoplasty procedure, refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol for your safety.

Enjoy a Full, Healthy Recovery After Rhinoplasty by Lessening Risks

Getting nose surgery can be an exciting journey that leads to improved confidence and overall quality of life. Knowing what you need to avoid after rhinoplasty ensures you do not disrupt the healing process and can enjoy long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results.

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