Two Ways to Maximize Your Surgery Consultation

Much like a job interview (while still being quite different), a surgery consultation consultation Oregon plastic surgeryrepresents an opportunity.  There are ways people can prepare so they have a more productive experience.

1. Prepare Yourself: bring questions and know your needs

Are there topics on our website that aren’t as clear as you’d like?  You can email us for clarification or for information on general plastic surgery costs and so on, and we’ll respond as quick as we can.  Then, if there are very specific points you want to discuss, the consultation offers the perfect opportunity to do so.  Just bring a list of questions or topics that you think are really important.

Another part of being prepared is knowing what you want to achieve with plastic surgery.  Many patients research a procedure off and on for years before they call us, so it’s pretty common to see patients that know what they want. On the other hand, if you are just curious about plastic surgery and want honest information from a professional, that’s fine too.

2. Communicate: Be open and be creative if necessary.

Good communication is important from the first consult all the way through the surgery.  If it’s difficult for you to communicate your goals, use pictures or other visual aids.  You can view our before and after photos or bring examples that you think are appealing.  Better communication about your desires and specific needs will help Dr. Daniel ensure that they are fulfilled, so use whatever tools you think will aid in that process.

You should not hide your medical history, past procedures, goals or motivations for surgery.  There’s no commitment during a consultation, so you don’t need to be defensive.  After the consultation, you can take as much time as you need to consider your options.

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