What Does & Does NOT Work for Sagging Breasts

Smiling young woman sitting on her couch at home using laptop to research how to fix sagging breasts.Whether due to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding or plain old genetics, many women have sagging breasts. There are plenty of so-called remedies for sagging that you can find online, but how to fix sagging breasts isn’t as simple as a miracle cream and a good bra.

So, what approaches are there that have the potential to lift the breasts and improve their shape? Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst treatment options.

The Best Results: Breast Lift

If you are looking for significant results, the best option is with a breast lift. A breast lift can raise your breasts and give you the option to have them reshaped as well.

How long breast lift results last can vary based on weight gain, diet, age and personal habits. However, no other approach can create the same amount of difference.

Worth Trying: Exercise

[pullquote]There are lots of tips and tricks for sagging breasts, but nothing else delivers the results of a breast lift.[/pullquote]

The breasts rest on top of the pectoral muscles, which means that if the sagging is related to the muscles instead of the skin and ligaments, exercises that strengthen and build up these muscles could help to reduce sag. The results won’t be as dramatic in most cases, but they can make a difference.

While not a cure, following a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and regularly exercising can help support good skin elasticity which may slow the progression of sagging skin.

Forget About It: Pretty Much Everything Else

Anything that says “natural remedy for sagging breasts” should just be avoided altogether. There is currently no scientific evidence to support the claims of these special lotions and pills.

Pills claiming to improve sagging breasts naturally are not only ineffective, but they could potentially have unwanted side effects or serious drug interactions.


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