What To Ask Your Surgeon During a Consultation

what_to_ask_your_seurgenA handy guide to that first step

Many of the posts in this blog, be they regarding something non-invasive like Botox, or something more surgical, like breast augmentation, end with a recommendation to seek out a consultation with a plastic surgeon as your first step towards that new look you’re after. Some of you might wonder, though; what do I do once I’m there? It’s not just as simple as the doctor telling you what the procedure is like – prospective patients should be prepared to go in with informed questions they want to have answered.

To that end, here’s a guide to some questions you may want to ask your plastic surgeon at your consultation.

“Am I a Good Candidate for this Procedure?”

You may have your heart set on a face lift or liposuction, but it may not be the right procedure for you. One cannot simply walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and place an order for a given procedure – multiple factors must be taken into account, such as your overall health, potential risk factors, and environmental factors. Furthermore, what you want may not be the best procedure for your desired result. Go in telling the doctor what effect you are after, rather than what procedure you want.

“What Are The Realistic Results I Can Expect?”

Most anyone who is in the market for plastic surgery can, understandably, have an idealized result in mind; basically, the perfect you. But while plastic surgery can help you get closer to that goal, it’s not a perfect solution. Scars can, and depending on the procedure, will occur, and any given procedure can only do so much. Find out whether or not the results you’re after are realistic, and what kind of results your desired procedure can realistically offer. Here’s a tip: ask to see some before-and-after pictures of your surgeon’s past cases.

“Are You Qualified To Perform This Procedure?”

In many states, doctors who aren’t specially trained in plastic surgery can still perform it legally. In order to guarantee the best possible results, check to see if your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Members of such groups as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are board certified, and have spent years specifically training in the field of plastic surgery. Furthermore, check to see how familiar they are with your desired procedure. You’ll want to go with a surgeon who has loads of experience in the procedure you want to undergo.

Asking these questions and more will help ensure you’re plastic surgery experience is in the best possible hands for the job.

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