Who’s Getting Plastic Surgery on a Budget?

The latest news says everybody is looking for deals on cosmetic procedures, iStock_000002223759XSmallfrom scary and illegal “do-it-yourselfers” to smart people who simply want their treatments to be cost-effective and rewarding.

However, safety should always be number one priority – another lesson in the news that seems to repeat itself.


Patients are learning to prioritize their treatments, while surgeons are offering financing and even money back guarantees, says the LA Times.

Minimally invasive procedures are way up, not only because they’re priced lower, but because some of them are just plain effective. Who’s getting these low-cost cosmetic surgery procedures?

People in North Texas are doing scary things to save money on cosmetics. Some are buying generic injectables and administering them at home with instruction via youtube. DIY Plastic Surgery? No thanks.

While the rest of the world is pinching pennies, celebrities are getting ten cosmetic surgery procedures in one day.

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