Will a Rhinoplasty Improve My Facial Symmetry?

Facial symmetry is often considered a standard of beauty. Studies have shown that the more symmetrical a person’s face is, the more that people perceive them as attractive. However, perfectly symmetrical faces are rare. Slight imbalances in facial proportions are incredibly common and may develop due to injuries, genetics, disabilities, and disease.

Some people enjoy a slight asymmetry and feel it adds character to their appearance. For others, especially if the imbalance is more severe, this can become a source of lowered self-esteem. If you have been considering whether a rhinoplasty would improve your facial symmetry, having a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee B. Daniel is a great place to start.

Common Reasons for Getting a Nose Job

Your nose is often your most prominent feature, due mainly to its location in the center of your face. If nasal proportions are slightly off due to size, shape, or other factors, it can cause the rest of the face to appear asymmetrical. By correcting these imbalances with a rhinoplasty, Dr. Daniel can help make its overall appearance more aesthetically pleasing, and bring symmetry and balance to your facial features. Some of the common concerns patients have when seeking nasal surgery are:

  • Nostrils of differing sizes
  • A nose that is too long or too small for the face
  • A nose that is oddly shaped, twisted, or crooked
  • Bumps in the bridge of the nose

Rhinoplasty can also help with functional issues concerning the nose, such as correcting a deviated septum that makes breathing difficult or contributes to sleep apnea.

Other Options to Help Improve Facial Symmetry

While rhinoplasty is an excellent option for improving facial symmetry, having this surgical procedure may not be the best solution for everyone. If you and your doctor decide that rhinoplasty is not an appropriate fit for your needs, the skilled team at Lee B. Daniel Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can guide you toward other treatments that can enhance your facial balance. These may include non-invasive procedures such as cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers or other surgical possibilities like facial implants or a brow lift. All these options can help define or reshape your chin, cheeks, brows, or lips to bring more harmony to your facial features and create the aesthetic you want.

Consider Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Balancing Facial Proportions with a Rhinoplasty

A face-to-face consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to determine which procedure is right for you. Dr. Lee B. Daniel and his aesthetic experts are here to help you make the best choice for achieving optimal results and improved confidence. If you are considering having rhinoplasty to improve your facial symmetry, consider calling today to schedule your visit.

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