Women Over 50 Show Preference for Quality Beauty Treatments

Reuters reports that a recent survey of women over 50 found that many are still willing to spend a few extra dollars on high quality beauty treatments, despite the economic uncertainty of recent months.

60,000 members of the site VibrantNation.com, who the CEO labels as an “influential and fast-growing” demographic, reported paying a bit extra for antioxidants and hypoallergenic products.  The reported breakdown of spending for the group is as follows:

Respondents said their most significant beauty investment was…

* 61% anti-aging moisturizer
* 40% foundation/concealer/cover-up/color makeup
* 2% botox/fillers/lasers
* 2% plastic surgery

Furthermore, a whopping 45 percent said that “if money were not an issue, they would undergo plastic surgery.”

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