Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts are often associated with severe back pain, shoulder grooving, neck pain, and rashes under the breasts. Many women can also feel self-conscious or embarrassed because of the disproportionate size of their breasts. Breast reduction, technically known as reduction mammaplasty, can help alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort that’s often connected with a larger breast size.

Dr. Lee B. Daniel is board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He is known as one of the best enhancement surgeons in Oregon. Dr. Daniel and his team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have helped thousands of women feel confident with their new, more petite figure after breast surgery.

In some cases, breast reduction may be covered by your health insurance plan. We can provide details after reviewing your situation during the consultation.

If you’d like to learn more about whether breast reduction is right for you, please call 541-687-8900 or contact our office in Eugene today for more details. We offer free consultations for our cosmetic surgery and medical spa patients.

Before Your Breast Reduction

When considering a breast reduction, each woman has her own set of questions and concerns. For this reason, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Daniel is an important step to ensuring the best possible outcome. During your consultation, Dr. Daniel will discuss your goals for breast reduction surgery, helping you to decide what options are best for you.

The best candidates for breast reduction may experience:

  • Large, pendulous, heavy breasts
  • Pain or discomfort due to breast weight
  • Inframammary fold infections, or other skin irritations in the breast crease
  • Self-consciousness about body due to breast size
  • Restrictions in certain physical activities or exercises

Dr. Daniel can create a more balanced, better-shaped breast and reduce strain on the body by combining a breast reduction and breast lift procedure to remove fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter and shapelier. Dr. Daniel can also reduce the size of your areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery requires about 2.5 to 3 hours of operating time under a light general anesthesia. The incision is typically shaped like a keyhole or inverted T, traveling around the areola and sometimes within the breast crease. Liposuction can be used to contour surrounding fatty tissue. Excess skin is also removed to reshape and tone the breasts. The result is a reduction in breast size and an elevation of the breast for a more youthful appearance.

Healing Process for Your Breast Reduction

Recovery time after breast reduction is approximately 2 weeks, although this will vary depending on your body’s natural healing response and other factors. Dr. Daniel will advise you to wear a special surgical bra during this time, and will also prescribe medications to help you control any discomfort. Some aching, swelling, and changes in skin sensation are normal during your recovery.

Most women are able to return to work within a week after surgery, depending on the demands of their job. You should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 2 to 4 weeks after your breast reduction. During the healing process, the incision marks will fade, and within 6 months should be almost invisible.

Breast reduction is about more than simply making your breasts smaller. Instead, Dr. Daniel creates a more flattering, proportionate breast size and shape that better suits your frame, and brings out the best in your figure. After breast reduction, most women feel not only more comfortable physically, but also feel more confident and less self-conscious about their breast size.

More Information about Breast Reduction Surgery

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