Every woman has different needs and preferences when it comes to enhancing her figure. For this reason, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee B. Daniel offers a full range of different breast enhancement procedures for a flattering final result that’s customized just for you. Dr. Daniel has helped thousands of women look and feel their best with the help of breast surgery in Eugene.

Types of Cosmetic Breast Surgeries

In Eugene, a patient may choose from several breast surgeries that target different concerns, such as breast size, shape, and position.

  • Breast Augmentation: Breast enlargement uses saline or silicone breast implants to increase your bust size for a sexier, curvier silhouette.
  • Breast Reduction: A breast reduction creates a more petite, proportionate look that can alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort that’s often associated with large, heavy breasts.
  • Breast Lift: If you’d like to enhance your figure without breast implants, a breast lift can raise and reshape your natural breast tissue for a firmer, more youthful profile.
  • Breast Implant Revision: Breast implant revision can help you update the results of a previously performed breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

Many women choose breast augmentation to increase their breast size and shape with implants or body tissue transfer. Breast augmentation allows you to choose your ideal breast size and shape to achieve a specific look while improving your body figure proportions. This procedure can restore breast volume after decreases due to aging, pregnancy, or aging.

Breast Reduction

Larger breasts can lead to pain in the back, neck, and shoulders while limiting physical abilities. A breast reduction removes excess breast tissue, skin, and fat to create a smaller breast size and significantly reduce associated pain. Beyond physical challenges, a breast reduction could allow you to have more freedom with your clothing options and exercise and improve your confidence.

Breast Lift

Breast sagging is an expected physical change throughout a woman’s life that can be reduced with a breast lift. The surgery removes excess, stretched breast skin and tightens breast tissue, resulting in a firmer, rounder, and lifted chest appearance. This procedure can give you a perkier and more youthful appearance.

Reconstructive and Revision Breast Surgeries

For women who have previously undergone breast surgery, reconstructive or restorative breast surgeries in Eugene may be necessary.

Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy removes cancerous breast tissue, breast reconstruction restores breast volume, shape, and size with implants or body tissue. Breast reconstruction surgery aims to create a natural breast shape, look, and feel for mastectomy patients who want to restore their breasts. Additionally, the procedure can restore nipples that were previously removed during surgery.

Breast Implant Revision

During the procedure, newer implants are repositioned to replace the old ones. Patients may also choose a different implant size or shape for a different breast appearance.

Breast Implant Removal

If a woman wants her breast implants removed, Dr. Daniel can perform a breast implant removal procedure to take out the original implants and restore the chest to its natural size and shape. Some patients may experience higher degrees of sagging and skin stretching due to changes from the initial implant placement. If you have experienced this, Dr. Daniel can help.

Schedule Your Breast Surgery in Eugene to Enhance Your Appearance

Breast surgery can help women feel more confident and empowered in their appearance and more comfortable with their physical abilities. Surgical options are available for reducing, enhancing, or reconstructing the breasts for a wide variety of changes.

In addition to boosted confidence, women who choose to undergo breast surgery experience more freedom in physical activities and reduced discomfort in their daily lives. If you are ready to change your breasts’ size and shape, there is an excellent surgical option for you in Eugene. Call today to learn more.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

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