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Our promise to you is simple: Dr. Daniel applies the highest moral and ethical standards as primary considerations in his practice and is committed to providing the best professional services possible. He and his staff are dedicated to friendly, courteous, private and safe patient care.

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Dr. Daniel’s staff is committed to your comfort and safety above all else. Each staff member understands that cosmetic surgery is not an everyday occurrence for patients. They know that questions must be answered quickly and that concerns must be addressed. Patients often say that the staff treats them with the same sensitivity as a good friend.

Registered Nurse
Patricia Pressprich
Three things about me:
  1. I used to be a professional marathon runner. I ran for Power Bar, Nike, and FrontRunner. My best time was a 2:47 marathon.
  2. I did 23andme and found out I am 44.5% Native American, 33% Spanish, the rest… I’m a mutt.
  3. I have traveled a ton! Europe, Central America, South America, and Asia. I can’t get enough and my kids are lucky enough to have come with me.
Certified Advanced Aesthetician
Jose Coats
Three things about me:
  1. I don’t like cheesecake.
  2. I once lived in Mexico with no running water or electricity for 6 months.
  3. I probably spend more money on gym clothes than regular clothes.
Medical Assistant
Sarah Crabtree
Three things about me:
  1. I would rather be barefoot or wear rubber boots than shoes.
  2. I swoon at the thought of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail.
  3. I am crazy for classic country music and old honky tonk bars.
Patient Care Coordinator
Dana Bassett
Three things about me:
  1. Cooking for people makes me happy!
  2. I love yoga
  3. I was a singer in a rock n’ roll band
Aesthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist, Brow Queen
Sarah Wellman
Three things about me:
  1. I love squirrels, my pony, bunnies and endless YouTube animal videos
  2. I was homeschooled for 6 years.
  3. I love to be adventurous, outdoors and exploring this beautiful world.
M.D. Injector
Dr. Kathy Baldwin Sears
3 Things About me:
  1. I grew up in Dallas TX
  2. I knew I wanted to be a physician for as long as I can remember – inspired by my father who was a transplant cardiologist.
  3. Outside of medicine, a few of my passions are skiing, college football, and hanging out with my rescue pup, Henry.

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Our Blogs

Tips for Preserving BOTOX® Results
BOTOX® injections are among the best non-invasive cosmetic treatment options for reducing facial wrinkles, especially those that worsen over time from repetitive facial movements. Though BOTOX® could significantly rejuvenate your complexion, the injection’s effects are not long-lasting. Instead, BOTOX® reduces dynamic facial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and smile lines, for up to four months. As a result, BOTOX® patients may want to take several steps to maintain their enhancements for longer after a treatment session. Consider these various tips...
Preparing for Body Sculpting Surgery
Body sculpting surgery is the best way to enhance your contours after significant weight loss leaves you with loose, sagging skin. Further, the procedures could eliminate the last of your stubborn body fat that never seems to decrease with diet or exercise. However, since surgery is not a suitable alternative for healthy weight loss, several precautionary steps must be taken when preparing for body sculpting surgery. Further, different body sculpting procedures could require different preparation steps, so it’s important to...
Misconceptions about Mommy Makeovers
A mommy makeover combines several surgical procedures to transform and restore your body after significant changes, such as pregnancy. For instance, a mommy makeover could include breast surgery, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and other cosmetic procedures, depending on which areas need treatment. However, many people have certain misconceptions about mommy makeovers. Though mommy makeovers are typically for women looking to restore their body contours and proportions after childbirth, anyone could benefit from the procedures. Mommy makeovers are an excellent option...
A Detailed Look at Your Facelift Recovery
Getting a facelift can be an exciting step toward rejuvenating your facial appearance, but the recovery process can be daunting for those unsure of what to expect. Educating yourself about your facelift recovery is the best way to ensure you’re prepared for the gradual healing process as your final results develop. 1 Week Post-Op During the first week after your facelift, you can expect swelling and bruising around your lower face, ears and neck. Swelling may be uneven, so don’t...
Can Zinc Treatment Extend BOTOX® Results?
The effects of BOTOX® last 30 percent longer with zinc treatment BOTOX® is a popular treatment for facial wrinkles, muscular disorders and excessive sweating, but the results don't last forever. The effects of BOTOX® will eventually wear off, so for those who rely on its wrinkle-reducing results, the longer those effects last, the better. Zinc for Better BOTOX® One doctor may have discovered a way to lengthen the gap between return visits significantly. Houston-based Dr. Charles Sopakar, an ocular plastic...

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