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Our promise to you is simple: Dr. Daniel applies the highest moral and ethical standards as primary considerations in his practice and is committed to providing the best professional services possible. He and his staff are dedicated to friendly, courteous, private and safe patient care.

Meet With Our Staff

Dr. Daniel’s staff is committed to your comfort and safety above all else. Each staff member understands that cosmetic surgery is not an everyday occurrence for patients. They know that questions must be answered quickly and that concerns must be addressed. Patients often say that the staff treats them with the same sensitivity as a good friend.

Physician- Injector
Dr. Kathy Baldwin
Meet Dr. Baldwin!

Services: Neuromodulators (Botox), Dermal Fillers, Sculptra, PRP, PDO Threads, Emsculpt, Emsella, Miradry, Thermage, and Thermiva.

Medical Doctor in the state of Oregon

Vanderbilt University; BA Fine Arts.

Univ of Texas Southwestern Medical School; MD

General Surgery internship – UT Southwestern and affiliated Hospitals.

Emergency Medicine resident – NYU/Bellevue Hospital


Practiced Occupation Medicine in San Diego, CA for 30 years (Kaiser Permanente, HealthSouth, US Healthworks, Concentra). In addition, worked as a medical consultant for several insurance companies performing Utilization Review for California Worker’s Compensation medical cases.


Medical Director of a boutique weight loss clinic in San Diego, CA for 18 months, where I began working with injectables (neuromodulators and dermal fillers). Found my calling here – combining art and medicine – working with injectables, fillers, etc. in aesthetics.

More about Dr. Baldwin:

Proud mother to 3 beautiful, successful adult children.  Anxiously awaiting grandchildren.

Semi-fluent in Spanish (mostly medical Spanish).

Additional medical interests include low-carb / keto diets for metabolic health and chronic disease reversal.

Participated in multiple medical mission trips to Mexico with M.O.S.T. (Mercy Outreach Surgical Team); none since COVID pandemic. Part of a surgical team performing over 150 surgeries to children in 3.5 days.

Interests: gardening, snow skiing, travel, creating (painting, building, needlework, knitting, etc.)

Certified Advanced Aesthetician
Jose Coats
Get to Know José

Services: Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, Lamprobe, Thermage, Picosure Laser, Fraxel Laser, VBeam Laser, & Laser Hair Reduction.

José Coats is our senior Certified Advanced Esthetician at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  José was born and raised right here in the Willamette valley and has been with our practice since 2010.

José graduated from the Northwest Institute of Aesthetics in Eugene in 2008 and has been a working Esthetician ever since.

José prides himself on being thorough and detail oriented with his treatments.  “I always put myself in my patients’ shoes and treat them how I would like to be treated.”  Some of Jose’s favorite specialties are Coolsculpting, Fraxel and Picosure treatments.

When not in the office, he loves escaping the city to his country property over east.  Other hobbies of Jose’s include working out, travel and relaxing with a good movie.

Medical Assistant
Sarah Crabtree
A Little About Sarah

Sarah is compassionate and dedicated to helping others and enjoys being a part of our patients’ life-changing surgical transformations.

  1. I would rather be barefoot or wear rubber boots than shoes.
  2. I swoon at the thought of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail.
  3. I am crazy for classic country music and old honky tonk bars.
Patient Care Coordinator
Dana Bassett
Meet Dana

Dana has overseen patient care at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery since 2017 and has worked in the customer service field with various industries for over 20 years. Serving as a liaison between the patients and the doctor, her role is to answer all procedural and surgery-related questions in order to help patients achieve the best possible experience and overall results. Dana’s knowledge, compassion and commitment to each patient is present throughout the entire surgical journey.

Registered Nurse- Injector
Patricia Pressprich
Meet Patty!

Services: Neuromodulators (Botox), Dermal Fillers, Sculptra, PRP, PDO Threads and Kybella.Registered Nurse in Oregon and California

Bachelors in the Science of Nursing – Linfield University

Certified Laser Safety Officer

Certified Advance Injector for Allergan, Galderma and Merz

Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist – CANS

ABSNC- Accredited by the Board of Specialty Nursing Certification

More about Patty:

Patty has three children and lives in Bend, OR. She travels to Eugene about once per month to provide your  injection needs. She used to be a professional marathon runner, with a best time of 2:47. She ran for Power Bar, Nike, and FrontRunner.

Patty has traveled a ton! Europe, Central America, South America, and Asia. She can’t get enough and her kids have gone with her.

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