A facial feature that is considered essential for a masculine-looking appearance is a prominent jawline. Often, physical changes due to age or weight fluctuations cause the jawline to lose a lot of its definition. If you have seen these unwanted signs of aging, then turning to neck lift surgery, also known as platysmaplasty, can restore chin, neck, and jawline definition for more youthfulness.

Male neck lift surgery in Eugene considers the vital differences between male and female patients, including facial hair growth and masculine-leaning cosmetic goals. Dr. Lee B. Daniel is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who utilizes innovative techniques to ensure results are natural, discreet, and uniquely customized to your needs. Call and schedule a consultation to hear more details about how the procedure differs for male patients and what benefits you can expect to enjoy afterward.

How is Male Neck Lift Surgery Different?

Neck lift surgery for men has several distinctions compared to when the procedure is performed for female patients. This is due largely to anatomical differences and variances in overall cosmetic surgery goals. For example, men tend to develop higher amounts of fibrous fat on their neck, lower face, and beneath the chin.

Men also have thicker facial skin and underlying muscle tissue than women, so skin tightening and repositioning during neck lift surgery is less drastic to prevent excess tension. If the skin is too tight after the procedure, it could appear unnaturally strained and adversely impact chin and jawline contours.

The incision placement also varies for male patients in order to accommodate facial hair growth. Instead of running along the ear and hairline, Dr. Daniel skillfully places neck lift incisions beneath the chin, so they are hidden easily with or without facial hair growth.

Placing the incisions underneath the chin will also decrease the difficulty in performing liposuction during the procedure and allow for more fat removal to further enhance a more masculine facial contour. Because of these differences, male neck lift procedures in Eugene also typically require longer operations to ensure your safety and satisfactory results.

Why Men Undergo a Neck Lift

One of the primary motivations for most male neck lift surgery patients in Eugene is restoring jawline and chin definition after moderate or severely loose skin and excess fat have developed. In addition to having more amounts of fat accumulation, men are more likely to form severe facial wrinkles around the lower face.

Since definition in these areas is often a critical component for appearing handsome and more angular, a neck lift is a routine cosmetic procedure that can provide you with many lasting benefits.

Beyond physical motivations, you can also enjoy significant psychological improvements after neck lift surgery. Dr. Daniel’s patients often feel notably more confident, which improves mood, quality of relationships, choices of romantic partners, and general enjoyment of life.

Your newly found confidence might also result in being less afraid to take risks, which can help you in your social life, as well as your career.

Reach Out for Details on Male Neck Lift Surgery in Eugene

Aging signs such as wrinkles and skin laxity affect everyone; but if you are a man, you may develop deeper wrinkles and more excess fat along the neck and lower face than women. Neck lift surgery is the best choice for correcting more severe aging signs and restoring masculine-looking definition along the chin, neck, and jawline.

By undergoing male neck lift surgery in Eugene at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you could restore your lower facial definition along with your self-image and self-confidence. Call the aesthetic experts at the office of Dr. Lee B. Daniel to learn how he can put his 20+ years of unparalleled skills to work in crafting a unique treatment plan for you.

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