Unexpected skin damage caused by burns, lacerations, or other injuries can leave scars on our bodies, as can acne, insect bites, or chicken pox. Surgery itself can also result in scars. Scar revision surgery can reduce the appearance of scars, improving skin texture and helping patients feel more confident about their appearance.

Dr. Lee B. Daniel is board-certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery and is regarded as a leader in scar revision surgery. Dr. Daniel and his team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have helped thousands of women and men enjoy a natural look and greater self-image with cosmetic facial surgery. To learn more about whether scar revision surgery is right for you, contact our office in Eugene today.

Before Your Scar Revision Surgery

Scars come in all shapes and sizes, varying in type as well as location. Due to the wide range of factors, each person has different problem spots and unique concerns regarding his or her skin. Your first step towards minimizing scars is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Daniel. During your consultation, Dr. Daniel can answer any questions you have while also discussing your goals for scar revision.

In some cases, Dr. Daniel may recommend the use of certain skin care products after your scar revision to help nourish and restore your skin’s tone and texture. In many instances, combining medical-grade skin care with scar revision surgery can offer optimal results.

Your Scar Revision Surgery

The appearance of a scar depends on many variables. A scar can become more prominent as a result of low blood supply, the depth of the wound, or the color and thickness of the skin. Additionally, the way some wounds are initially closed can contribute to how a scar develops. Scars can be a source of embarrassment, discomfort, or even pain, and can cause itchiness or impact range of motion.

Revision surgery can greatly reduce the appearance of scars, along with relieving feelings of embarrassment or discomfort caused by these flaws in the skin. The procedure makes scars less visible and is ideal for the treatment of keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and contractures.

Dr. Daniel takes a customized approach for every patient and offers several options for scar revision surgery depending on the nature of the scar:

Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars

Keloid scars result from the skin tissue becoming thick and puckered. These scars grow beyond the edge of the wound and are often red or darker than the surrounding skin. Though keloid scarring can happen to anyone, people with darker skin pigmentation develop these scars with much greater frequency.

Hypertrophic scars are similar in appearance to keloids. They are thick and raised above the skin, but they remain within the outline of the original wound.

To treat these types of scars, Dr. Daniel may choose one of the following techniques:

  • Inject steroid medication into the scar site

  • Remove excess scar tissue


Contractures are scars that occur when a large area of skin is lost, such as in the case of a burn. As the skin pulls together to close the wound, the closure can impact the adjustment of nearby muscles and may restrict movement.

To treat contractures, Dr. Daniel may use one of several methods:

  • Graft healthy skin onto the scar

  • Generate new skin using tissue expansion

  • In some cases, Z-Plasty may be used to reposition a scar in order to make it less noticeable by aligning it with natural lines in the skin. Incisions are made on each side of the scar to create small, triangular skin flaps, which are arranged to cover the wound in a Z-shaped pattern.

Healing Process for Your Scar Revision Surgery

Swelling and discoloration should subside within one to two weeks after your scar revision surgery. Healing will continue for several additional weeks, and the new scar should fade as time passes. Though scars cannot be completely erased, your scars should be significantly less noticeable after revision surgery.

More Information about Scar Revision Surgery in Eugene

To learn more about your options for scar revision surgery in Eugene, please contact us online. Our plastic surgery practice is conveniently located near the Oakway Center.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

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